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Karkidaka Chikilsa
Monsoon treatment in ayurveda

It is the last month in the traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Karkidaka is considered as the most challenging month of the year in terms of spiritual, mental and physical health.




It is a traditional practice in kerala that has been in practice since several centuries ago.It’s a fabulous healing strategy to exploit times of physical, mental and spiritual challenge, to achieve healing in physical, mental and spiritual level and prolonged well being.


In 2020, Karkidaka month begins on 16th of July and extends till 16 of August.
Kolangattu Arya Vaidyasala starts monsoon treatment program from 20th of June to 31st August.
Different packages are available for 7,14,21,28 days.

KARKIDAKM is most suitable season for the Ayurvedic treatment. Due to the moist climate all the pores in the human body will be open and the Ayurvedic medicines especially external medicines works effectively in the body.


Monsoon treatments help to promote health, to prevent life style disorders like diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, obesity etc. It is the ideal treatment period for patients who suffer with chronic diseases like Asthma, Allergy, Migrain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbar and cervical Spondilosis,anxiety, depression, insomnia etc .The Karkidaka therapies are a means to keep Vata, Pitta and Kapha in balanced leval , increase the immunity and make fit physically ,mentally, spiritually .Thus karkitaka chikitsa alleviate existing health conditions and to prevent illnesses.


This is the right time for Ayurveda treatments..
Enjoy Beauty of Monsoon! Become Rejuvenated! 

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